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Station Pump Controller Features

* Exact reading of each transaction
     (volume and amount)

* 2 operation Modes: “Automatic” or “Controlled”

* Internal memory for more than 500 transactions

* Reading of Totalizers/Digital Accountants.

     (4 fuel types and 2 price levels)

* Pre-paid operation

* Permanent control of the gas pumps.

* Reading and Change of Unitary Prices,

     (Multi-Product and Multi-Level)
* Enable and Disable the fuel pumps.
* Stop and Resume current transactions on the fly.
* Gets the status of all the gas pumps, or an individual one.
* Complete halting of all the gas pumps (Emergency).
* Temporary block gas pumps.
            SPC & D-BOX
The Station Pump Controller has a set of special commands to verify errors in communications and implemented a consistency check to avoid incorrect readings of transactions.
The SPC has, in addition, sample source code for Visual Basic programming language.
Also a program is included (with source code), demonstrating the functionality of Station Pump Controller and satisfying the programers requirements to easily adapt their software to our device.
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